Coronavirus Film – The Executive Version

Coronavirus Film

“Being terrified but going ahead and doing what must be done – that’s courage” Piers Anthony

We are in the midst of the biggest medical event in 100 years. Concerned that the efforts and sacrifices made by his colleagues around the world will be forgotten, Paul Trotman – a Doctor and award winning film maker, is making a new film – telling the story of the pandemic from healthcare workers points of view. He really needs your support to complete the film, which will be dedicated to our fallen colleagues.

If you are interested in being interviewed about your experiences with the virus, please go to for more information and follow regular updates. If you don’t want to be interviewed please consider supporting the project financially – we are currently working unpaid and will need to pay some people later on – can’t do that without your support – every bit helps, and there are some great rewards.  Please go to For updates follow us on Facebook at

Thanks to Terrie for the picture.

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